Proud 2 Adopt Shop

The retail shop helps BRHA offset rising costs of vaccines, veterinary procedures, spay/neuter of all shelter animals, and gives us the ability to feed a higher quality of food (Tuffy's Gold Rice & Lamb) to improve the overall health and well being of the shelter animals.

Think like a dog. Think like a cat.

Variety and change themselves are enriching experiences. Variety is the key to enrichment of the lives of our pets. Add a different toy each day to add variety. Hide the toys or treats for your pets to discover. Add to the mystery of their day and bring out their hunting instincts; a challenge helps their mental process and their natural instincts.

The BHA is a registered dealer of these products:


Tuffys Gold Lamb Rice food for dogs. Gold Premium Pet Food  Grain-Free Cat Food


Tuffy's Gold Lamb/Rice for Dogs & Pure Vita Pure & Natural Holistic Cat Food (chicken & rice)

As BRHA looked for a healthy food to feed shelter animals, the Nutrisource Company stepped up with a dealership that met our needs. They manufacture Tuffy's Gold Rice & Lamb as well as a holistic cat food in Pure Vita that keeps the shelter animals healthy. We highly recommend these foods that take us away from wheat and corn in pet foods. Our goal is to feed quality food, free of those grains, to our shelter animals. Remarkable results have been achieved with shelter animals fed a such a high quality diet.

The Proud 2 Adopt Shop offers this same great food to the public at great prices! All sales directly benefit the shelter animals.


Canidae/Felidae Dog Food and Cat Food

Proud 2 Adopt Shop also carries the great dog and cat food made by Canidae. Canidae All Life Stages Food provides food without corn and wheat. BRHA offers this high quality food to the public at great prices with the 12th bag FREE!


Worlds Best Cat Litter

"World's Best Cat Litter"

100% Corn scoopable cat litter

Premier’s Pogo Plush Toys & Enrichment Toys

Take home a Frizzle, a Slap-Happy, a Pogo Plush, Pogo Plus Kritters (bunny, beaver & raccoon), or the FunKitty Twist & Treat, the Egg-Cersizer & the Doorway Dangli for Kitties…

See the “Frizzle” in action in this video
Pogo Plush toys by Premier are simply irresistible! The design provides a unique bounce-back action that dogs prefer over traditional stuffed plush toys. These toys are stuffing free, so there's no mess if your dog likes to destroy plush toys! Pogo Plush toys are built with inner bouncy frames and free-floating squeakers that will give your dog hours of fun. Available in a large & small sizes.

Nina Ottosson Interactive Games

Unique interactive puzzles games for dogs and cats are designed to enrich our pets mind and build a stronger relationship between people and their beloved furry family members. These toys are revolutionizing the way we think of playing with our pets.

Ruffwear Collars & Leashes

Ruffwear Leashes are standing the test of time and hard use here the shelter. Staff and volunteers use Ruffwear leashes everyday; we are truly amazed at the workmanship that withstands the test of wear and tear at the shelter.

planet dog

Planet Dog Toys

Give those “mighty mouth” heavy chewers many options to defer destruction! Stuffable (peanut butter, then freeze them) toys, toys with ropes for tossing and fetching, glow in the dark balls and Frisbees keep them racing in the dark, tug-toys & more!

Great prices!

Retail Shop located in the lobby of the Bitter Root Humane Assoc.
@ 262 Fairgrounds Rd., Hamilton, MT
- 406-363-5311

Proceeds from the Proud 2 Adopt Shop directly contribute to the expenses
of caring for the animals at Bitter Root Humane Association.